History of Art and Architecture: The Medieval City-State and the Renaissance Town

Instructor: Dott.  Arch. Filiberto Bracalente

Location: Macerata

Term: Spring Semester

Language: English

Contact Hours: 45

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Course Description

This course will trace the major developments of the town in central Italy from the early medieval times to the renaissance period. The main focus will be on the hill towns of the Marches during the 12th-16th century, particularly Macerata, Urbisaglia, San Ginesio, Fermo, Ancona, Loreto, Ascoli Piceno, Tolentino, San Severino and Urbino. It will be considered the most characteristic physical aspects of the towns and the role of the social, religious and cultural currents in shaping the character and peculiarity of each center. Many interesting comparisons will be made, not only between the various towns of the Marches, but also with important centers in the nearby regions such as Florence and Rome. Students will have the opportunity to compare and study architecture and urban planning first hand and to discover the unique characteristics of the medieval hill towns.


Art History