Modern Italy: History and Culture of the Italian People

Instructor: Prof. Antonio Zampa

Location: Macerata

Term: Fall Semester, Spring semester

Language: English

Contact Hours: 45

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Course Description

This course serves as a thorough introduction to life and culture in modern Italy. Beginning with the geography of the boot, emphasizing the vast geographical, economic and cultural diversity of the area, the course proceeds to the analysis of Napoleon’s invasion, particularly in and around Macerata (Battles of Castelfidardo and Tolentino and the following unification struggles eventually leading to nationalism.) The main points concerning Francesco Crispi and Giovanni Giolitti’s politics are analysed as well as Italy’s peculiar role in the Alliance system in World War I. The roots of Fascism are recounted and the ideals and the realities of the corporate state are contrasted. World War II dramatic events are revisited by focusing on the main episodes connected with Macerata area (The Battle of Chienti and the Concentration Camp of the Abbey of Fiastra). The roles of the Marxist, Socialist, Capitalist and Christian political parties are covered, including the nature of post war governments. The “Sixty-Eight” phenomenon is analyzed in its sociological and political implications.


International Relations / Studies