Picture Yourself Studying in Macerata, Italy

(That’s mah-cheh-rah-tah – Italy’s best kept secret!)

The experience in Macerata is quite different from Rome or Florence… one learns more about real Italian culture in a place like this.
Sarah Morgan
University of Colorado
Macerata, winter 1997

It was the most intense learning experience of my life! I learned a lot about myself on many levels, and it gave me a sense of confidence in the realization of my capabilities. I met people who have touched my life forever, and I feel that I am a fuller and richer person for having had this experience.
Rebecca LaGuire
University of Alaska Southeast
Macerata, fall 2001

My experience in study abroad has opened my eyes to many things and I have grown spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. It is an experience I will never forget.
Amanda Vandermeulen
Saginaw Valley State University
Macerata, fall 2001

My study abroad experience in Macerata was incredible! I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life!
Corrie Cook
Ball State University
Macerata, winter 1999

It was the most wonderful experience of my life. I will never forget the people I have met, the places I have seen, the Italian that I learned, and the new-found independence that I gained from participating in the program.
Theo Skourtis
Oregon State University
Macerata, fall 2001

A dream come true. Living in Macerata was like being in a fairytale, a walled city with winding cobblestone narrow streets. An unforgettable experience that made me grow as a person, artist, and student.
Kate Barkell
Saginaw Valley State University
Macerata, fall 2002

I had the best time and saw some of Italy’s (and the world’s) greatest sights. If I could do it again, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment.
Steve Campbell
University of Tennessee-Martin
Macerata, fall 2001

Macerata is an ideal setting for a superb study abroad program! I’ll never forget a moment of my time there.
Erin Schueler
Western Washington University
Macerata, fall 1998